Visually Capturing Your Audience


This image comes from David’s Tea Instagram. This photo caught my eye at first glance, as it gives the feeling of being on a summer vacation. The tea looks cool and refreshing, perfect to drink on a hot summer day. It entices me to visit a local David’s Tea to try the mango tea. I also like how the ingredients are laid out to show consumers what is in the tea.

One criticism, I would have is despite having all the ingredients in the photo, it can be distracting and you may lose focus on the glass of tea. Changing the color scheme of the plate and napkin to more neutral tones would make the tea stand out more. Also, the ingredients such as the mango is too big. One suggestion I would have is to use smaller pieces of the fruit.


This image comes from the popular South Korean makeup brand Etude House. This photo is very appealing and the first thing that captures the viewer’s eyes is definitely the beautiful pop of pink lipstick. From there it naturally leads your eyes upwards to the model’s eyes, which highlights their eyeliner and eye shadow. The neutral background helps to highlight the makeup overall on the model. Also, I liked how her hands were strategically placed to help lead your eyes to her lips. Upon viewing this photo, it makes me want to find out more about the lipstick and possibly purchase it after checking reviews and swatches. However, consumers may have a concern about how the lipstick would look in natural lighting compared to the studio.