Image Compositions: You’ve Nailed It With Sally Hansen!

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Sally Hansen is a popular brand, well-known for its lines of nail polish and other nail related products. I’ve created three images for their social media, using a Samsung Note 4 phone that I believe would fit their brand.


For my first image, I went with a “Back to School Essentials” concept using knolling photography. I went with this concept because it depicts one of their main target consumers: young female students. The items I used in the photo are typical school supplies (folders, notebooks, pens, etc.) along with fashion/beauty items like glasses, a watch and makeup bag. I’ve strategically placed four bottles of Sally Hansen’s HARD AS NAILS XTREME WEAR in the center and specifically chose the brighter colors from the line as it resembled a line of colorful highlighters.

I cropped this photo on my phone and edited the photo using Instagram. I increased the sharpness, slightly lowered the saturation, slightly increased the contrast and slightly increased the brightness.

The concept I went for my second photo is “Statement Nails.” For females who are more hesitant to wear more color in their fashion choices but want to add a pop of color, wearing a bright nail color can be the first step in experimenting with colors. Wearing nail polish also helps to tie an entire outfit together, therefore making you look more fashionable.

On Instagram, I increased the saturation to make the nail polish appear brighter. Using the BeautyCam app, I applied the “Natural” filter to make my hand appear whiter therefore making the red nail polish pop out even more in the photo.

In terms of composition, the fingers have leading lines that lead the eye to view the nails. The shirt also has leading lines that that lead the eye to the hands/nails.


For my last photo, I would call this the “Showcase” concept. This type of photo is typically taken by beauty bloggers to show their readers what a particular nail polish color looks like on your nails, also known as a nail polish swatch. Many people like to see swatches of a nail polish before purchasing to see the texture, opacity, and how the color looks on different skin tones. I chose to take this photo outside in natural night, as colors tend to look different using artificial lighting. I also made sure to hold the bottle and with the name of the nail polish facing forward.

I cropped the photo using my phone and applied the “Clear” filter from the BeautyCam app to brighten the hand skin tone. As well, I used an online photo editor called Foto Flexer and used the “Fix Blemishes” tool to smooth out the bumps in my middle finger nail.

In terms of composition, the photo is an example of fill the frame which creates an intensity where you are focused purely on the nail polish and the nails.