Online and Mobile Image Editors: Canva and Pixlr

There are many great tools, both for mobile and desktop, available for free to help edit your photos to make them picture perfect! You no longer need to purchase expensive programs or even have a background in graphic design to be able to produce great looking photos for social media. Programs like Pixlr and Canva which are available both on mobile and on desktop, makes it easy and convenient for you to use. Below, I have two examples of photos that I edited using both mobile and desktop applications.

ORIGINAL PHOTO – Nadege Patisserie Macarons




I edited this photo of Nadege Patisserie macarons using the online image editor Pixlr. I first cropped the image using the freehand crop tool. Next, I adjusted the color of the photo by increasing the saturation to 25. I also increased the sharpness of the photo by adjusting the sharp tool by 25. Lastly, I inserted the text “Explosive Colors and Flavors” by using the online image text editor Canva.

ORIGINAL PHOTO – Nestle Kit Kat (Japanese Strawberry Flavor)




My second image I edited using my Instagram app. I first cropped the photo and applied the filter “Claredon.” I slightly increased the contrast and slightly increased the sharpness of the photo using the editor. Finally, I used Canva again to add the “Japanese Strawberry Kit Kat” text on the bottom of the box.