Adobe Spark Video Tutorial – How to Order From a McDonald’s Self-Serve Kiosk

I created this “How to Order From a McDonald’s Self-Serve Kiosk” video using the Adobe Spark Video app on iPhone 6. To begin making the video I chose “Show and Tell” from the Story Guide options. Under Themes, I chose “Signal” because of the yellow, as it matched with the McDonald’s colors. For each slide I created, I used two layouts. For the first introduction slide I chose “Thing + Caption” and the rest of the slides I used “Two Things.” It’s very easy to enter your text and upload photos into the boxes for each slide. You can also adjust the time for how long you want each slide to appear. Most of my slides were generally 3-4 seconds each in length. Finally, I added music to the video. There are a lot of options for you to choose from inside the library. For this video, I chose “Comfy Cotton” as my background music. What is great about this app, is that you can even adjust the volume of the music to your liking.

Adobe Spark Video is a great tool that is very easy to use and does not require any special video editing skills. It is great for creating videos easily on your phone and in a short amount of time. Brands can use Adobe Spark Video to tell stories using photos, text and voice about their products or services. Once you create a video, you can share directly on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram or you can save it to your phone for future use.