The Future of Digital Marketing and Its Importance to Stay Relevant

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The world of digital media is constantly changing and evolving. If one does not keep up to date with the digital media, you can easily fall behind and the consequences can be detrimental especially for those working in social media marketing.

New social media platforms are continuously being developed and introduced to the market, as well as current popular platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are striving to add value to its consumers by introducing new features to keep their competitors on edge.

One key trend that has significantly grown in 2016 is live streaming on social media platforms. Facebook has been pushing their Facebook Live and there has been an increased number of people using it to broadcast live. Instagram has also recently introduced live video to their platform.

Increasingly more and more people are becoming attracted to live streaming due to its raw and unedited form rather than things that are carefully crafted, packaged or edited. One benefit of live streaming is that it has opened up a new world of interactivity and engagement to interact with your target consumers.

The increasing trend of live video streaming will have a huge impact on an organization’s digital strategy in the next three years. I believe video content marketing will continue to grow and live streaming is an extension of that. Besides broadcasting live to your audience, they can also interact with the live broadcast in real time such as commenting and clicking the like button.

Live streaming can create new opportunities to market a product, service or increase brand awareness. Depending how an organization wants to use live streaming, it can create transparency for businesses. Such as sharing behind-the-scenes footage on live stream to consumers who normally would not have this type of access. As well, I also want to note that the use of live streaming is inexpensive compared to purchasing digital ad space. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are free to use and with a click of a button you can live stream instantly. Overall, I believe businesses can be very creative in utilizing live streaming to help achieve their business objectives.

In order to stay relevant with digital media trends, it is imporant to keep up with the news in the digital media realm. I currently follow several blogs, my two personal favorites are Social Media Today and Social Media Examiner. They provide many great tips, tools, industry research and news about social media. Also continuing to follow key industry people on social to hear their opinions about social media and what news they share is very important. Lastly, I will continue to attend digital marketing events (such as the IAB Canada Digital Marketing Summit I had previously attended) to continue learning about what is new and relevant in the digital space.

In terms of behaviours, I need to be more diligent in keeping organized and setting aside time to read the news and what is trending in general. At the moment, I use Facebook to save posts and articles to read later. I do realize, I need to categorize all my saved information and make them more easily accessible to find in the future when needed. I should start incorporating and exploring various content curation tools, such as Pocket and to see what works best for my needs and preferences.

To summarize what I’ve written, I created an infographic on some best practices to help you learn how to keep up to date with the digital media trends.